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3 Forbidden Wedding Night Topics

Dec 22, 2018All Posts, Wedding Planning

This one is for the ladies! No more holding back and wondering. It’s time to address the real questions we have about the wedding night.

No more holding back! Let's talk about the real questions we have about the wedding night.

There is no shortage of topics to discuss when it comes to planning out your wedding. So far I have shared my tips on skincare and on weight goals. now it’s time to talk about the things we don’t think about until it’s too late. Every bride I know is so focused on planning out their wedding day agenda and making sure guests will enjoy themselves. That is what’s important right? The guests are the priority, right? We have to make sure that everything will go as planned. Well, honestly, I wanted my wedding to be a big party. I knew there would be a few bumps in the road regardless of what we did to avoid them. I just wanted my guests to eat amazing food, to dance and to remember the fun they had for years to come.


Well, what about the night of the wedding? Many of us forget to do the pre-planning for the wedding night where the two of you will be alone. Before my wedding, I thought I was ready. I read all the articles about what brides forget to plan for after the wedding including asking a bridesmaid to mail out thank you cards the next day (if that’s what you chose), having someone be responsible for wedding gifts, returning borrowed items and so on. After all my research, I still missed these three topics. When I finally thought about them, I felt it was too late.

Grooming The Lady Parts

At the top of my list were questions about taking care of my lady parts. Everyone wanted to give me advice on makeup and hair and how to get rid of pimples, etc., but no one gave me advice about my goodies. Now I am sure you are thinking I mean a little shave and wax, but no ma’am that’s not what I mean.

I do want to take a quick moment to say if you have sensitive skin make sure to mention that before allowing anyone to apply anything. They should sample a small area and see if it causes a reaction. Also, avoid shaving the day of the wedding, especially if you get razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You don’t want these to be an issue on the day of your wedding more so because they are annoying and at times painful.

But, back to the point. No one mentioned making a visit to my GYN. I hate to admit it, but for the sake of future brides knowing that they are not alone here goes. According to the Mayo Clinic, 3 out of 4 women suffer from vaginal yeast at some point in their life. And to make matters worse, treatment for a vaginal yeast infection can lead to another imbalance causing bacterial vaginosis. This is not an issue I want to be concerned with on my wedding night. Previously experiencing both, and being made to feel like I was disgusting, I did not want to ask anyone how to avoid this issue.

About a year later, I decided to start meeting with a nutritionist and doing some of my own research and I learned so many valuable pieces of information that we should all know. First, if you have a high sugar diet you may notice you have frequent infections. When the doctor gives you the medicine it either comes back, leads to BV or you end up with both yeast and BV shortly after. The simple answer to this issue is to drink plenty of water (your weight divided by 2 = # of oz to drink per day), cut out added sugars (not all sugars are bad), take a probiotic and try boric acid. I have tried Queen V’s product The Eraser.  (I am not an affiliate so no need to worry.) It works wonders and saved me the embarrassment of returning to the doctor to receive yet another round of medication that didn’t work.

We should be able to talk about this more often. Now that it isn’t an issue anymore I feel much better about mentioning it, but I definitely understand the hesitation. So now that we know, let’s fix it! And remember, I am no expert so make sure to check with a professional before trying anything new.

The Cycle Strikes Again

When I picked my wedding date, people told me to consider the weather and other special days or holidays surround our big day. Not one person mentioned guesstimating my cycle. Fortunately, this was not my issue, but I came up very close. I was forced to consider what undergarments I would have to wear instead. Recently, I saw they actually make underwear called Thinx which are period proof underwear. I considered trying these if I had to. so far I haven’t, but I have heard great things. The point is, think about your back up plan if your cycle becomes a factor. Some women have options like birth-control to help them with that, but if you don’t then think about it. don’t be afraid to ask around. This may affect your wedding night plans and whether or not you feel like indulging and it may affect your mood during the wedding. You know yourself best. Make a plan just in case. I like to keep my ginger root nearby and boil it like tea. Quick and easy fix. In 20 minutes I am right back to myself. Check with your doctor before makign any changes, I am no expert, this is just something that works for me.

Sexy Time – To Wait or Not To Wait?

Oh yes! After my bridal shower, I was ready to surprise my new husband with a new piece of lingerie every night for almost two weeks. I had to recruit help trying to decide which one to wear on our actual wedding night. When it came down to it, we were exhausted after the full day of activities and still, we refused to go to bed without indulging. That’s what you are supposed to do right? I would have never guessed that 52% of people don’t have sex on their wedding night, according to this 2016 survey noted in The Women’s Health Magazine.

That number definitely surprised me. Now I have a different perspective. If spending time celebrating your union is what’s most important to you, then it can wait until the next morning. If you love time with your family and friends but want to focus on you and your husband then, by all means, head out early and take care of business. All I am saying is don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself exhausted and wanting to wait and enjoy it. Most of us had terrible experiences without first times, let’s not repeat the same mistake with the first time after your wedding.


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