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DIY: Elegant Centerpieces

by Jul 9, 2018All Posts, Wedding Planning

Welcome my fellow Do It Yourself-er! Before we begin today’s discussion, I wanted to share this thought with you. I am definitely a lover of DIY projects, but with all the pressure of planning a wedding, I realized I took on too many projects. I had to take the time to cut back my projects and readjust my budget. With that said centerpieces are a very simple and budget friendly project.


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With that said, make sure to pick simple and enjoyable projects that won’t cause additional stress. After I cut out those other projects, this project right here was one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. To make things simple, I want to share a video that helped me put a few of my centerpieces together. You can follow the methods, but pick colors you like and a print you want or leave off things you don’t like. This is just an example, but there are plenty more videos and you can make any changes you want.

Personally, I love black and gold and how elegant these colors make everything look. However, have you noticed that gold and rose gold decor cost extra? Well, it doesn’t have to ruin your budget. This video can show you exactly how to get what you want in gold without purchasing the costly items.


TIP: If you want cost effective items that are handcrafted and items you likely won’t find easily in the stores check out ETSY for some awesome options for your wedding. I purchased my “Unplugged Wedding” which of course was white and gold from Etsy. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing it or finding out who I purchased it from.

Check out this video below!

Now that you’ve seen her methods, it’s time to make a dollar store run and get out the gloves, newspaper and spray paint. Thanks to TheTayraPerezProject and her video we have a great place to start with a fabulous wedding project that is cost effective and elegant.

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