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Money is limited. Memories are not. There are things that are traditional for a wedding, but very quickly become a waste of money. Save your coins and invest it in something that’s worth the memory.

1. Save The Dates

This is our STD, which by now in wedding terms you know is Save The Date. I absolutely love my save the date, however it cost me almost $300 to have printed and mailed with postage. If your curious I used Postable. Their site makes everything so easy. I highly recommend them for sending out your wedding invitations with no hassel. If you are looking for a way to save some money the STDs can be digital while you send out your invitations. After considering how much we spent, I was so upset when multiple came back to me. We had everyone enter their own addresses in through a link that was text and emailed. People had spelling errors, etc. Talk about frustrating. This was only the beginning. Then I had them double check and correct addresses and again invitations came back to me. If you’re comfortable and looking to save money skip mailing the STD.

2. Programs

If you are the DIY bride, programs can be a pain. They were simple to make. After talking to our day of coordinator and pastor we firgures out the plan. The week of the wedding we had them printed. Then came the mess! My cutting skips are awful…even using the large paper cutting board. Programs are easy enough to make and print yourself, but they can cost you enough in money and time that you will want to skip it. Honestly, no one will even notice. There’s a good 1% of the people who will keep it and the other 99% will trash it or leave it in the seat. As an alternative, I love the idea of having one large program at the entrance so people are aware of what’s happening and you can keep it if you want.

3. Wedding Favors

Photo booths are a huge hit at weddings right now. I’ve been to weddings and received wedding favors that made me think “why did they spend their money on this? What am I supposed to do with it?” Well forget trying to figure out what to give people because you’ve already feed them an expensive meal and likely supplied them dessert and drinks. I love the photo booth idea because you have the option of having an album made with all the images and people get to take their pictures home. So technically it’s the gift that’s good for you and your guest.

4. Second Wedding Dress

I may be alone in this, but I just feel that if you spend so much on your wedding dress why would you take it off? I wanted my dress on all night. I made sure I could sit in it and dance in it. I have been to places that tried to make me feel like I was obligated to spare my wedding dress from the reception and change into another dress that is light and easier to move in. They also explained that the change signifies going from fiancee to wife. Bologna! I skipped the second dress and found a beautiful dress online for less than $350. Check it out in the picture.

5. Wedding Cake

This is where, outside of your wedding dress, I think you can save the most money. Here’s a secret. People love cake from places like Costco (my favorite! and only $18.99 in Maryland for a sheet that feed 48 people), BJ’s, Safeway and Giant. No one realized my cake came from Costco until I told them, but I got so many compliments. Just because you say wedding doesn’t me the price should skyrocket. You may want to consider skipping the cake altogether and doing cup cakes, cookies or whatever your favorite dessert is.

6. Bonus- Real Flowers

I don’t like flowers. They don’t smell as beautiful as they look to me. If you are set on real flowers then make your bouquet with real flowers and your bridemaid’s with fake flowers or the real to the touch flowers from Hobby Lobby (which are 50% off every other week). If you really like flowers then you won’t like that idea. So here’s another. For those of you set on real flowers purchase them from your closest wholesaler.

You may only like one or two of these ideas, but at the end of the day your wedding should reflect you and your soon to be husband’s personalities. Whatever is not what you want then cut it out! Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are required to follow any rule book. I wore a cute inexpensive sandal instead of heels. I had fancy disposable plates and utensils (still inexpensive) since we had to clean up. I just wanted a huge party with delicious food, great music and plenty of drinks. The rest was negotiable.