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5 Things To Do Before Finalizing your Honeymoon Date

Sep 2, 2017 | 6 comments

Through all the stress, tears, thinning edges and hair breaking off, I made it! The wedding came and went. I was living for the party. I just wanted to eat and dance and sing the night away. By the time we made it back to our hotel room we were exhausted. Unfortunately, with all the business we handled before the wedding we didn’t have time to pack a bag for a honeymoon. I’ll even admit, I left a few things for the ceremony behind. Thankfully, I knew in advance that we needed time to recover before going on our honeymoon. We had one week to organize the house and pack. Our Amazon gift registry was amazing because we had gifts shipped to the house and didn’t have to worry about getting them home. However, I realized I gave people too many registry options (a conversation for another post – Wedding Registry: Everything You Need To Know) making it so we had things to carry home with us. This was no fun at all! If I could do it all again I would take notes from my best friend and use a set up like Honeyfund which you probably saw on Shark Tank, if you watch like I do. Once we checked out of our hotel and made it home we wanted to make sure the house was clean and smelling fresh for our return from the honeymoon. Coming back from vacation is never fun when you have to come back to a mess. It would just cause me after-wedding-stress. When the wedding is done, there a few things you want to make sure to get in order.


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Packing – If you think you will need time to decompress after the wedding before you can pack then schedule your honeymoon with a break between the wedding and the day you leave. If you can pack and be ready right after the wedding then the day of or the day after are days you may want to consider leaving.

Gifts –  Think about your gift registry. If you’ve been living together for sometime or have an established home you may not want traditional gifts. Think about this. Your guests can pick from a list of excursions you select or contribute to your airfare for the honeymoon. Even better they can give you gift cards so you can decide what to do with the money. Honeyfund is just one of those options where you can do this. Also, If you want to personalize your thank you card with a note about the gift you received from a guest then you may want to take note of all gifts and the name of the giver.

The Date – If you had to take off time before the wedding to get things in order you may not have time off from work to take right after the wedding also. Think about scheduling a delayed honeymoon.


Pre-wedding Vacation- Burnout is likely for brides planning their wedding without a wedding planner and even those who do have a planner. You will definitely need a break (read more at Take A Break From Wedding Planning) so think about setting up a pre-wedding vacation in addition to or even instead of a honeymoon after.

Weather Watch – Don’t forget the weather may not be the same where your wedding is located and where you plan to honeymoon. Make sure to think about the date and the weather of the place you’re traveling to so you can avoid holiday, hurricane/tornado/tsunami/etc. season.


Change your name – IMPORTANT: If you are going out of the country do not change your name until after your return. The documents will not be complete in time and may cause you to miss your trip. Be safe and change your name after the honeymoon.

Thank you cards – Make sure to send your thank you cards. I suggest designing them, having them printed and mailed off the day before the wedding. You can also have them ready to go and ask your maid of honor to mail them the day after the wedding.

Rentals or borrowed items – Return any borrowed or rented items to avoid fees.

Get your money back – I also suggest you do an inventory of the items you have left from the wedding to sell and place them in an area where they will be safe.

I wanted to be stress free on my honeymoon. My mind becomes preoccupied when I know I have unfinished business so it was essential that I have time, before we flew out, to wrap up any unfinished business. After all was said and done, this was the best decision I made (besides saying yes to marry him of course!) We had time to let it soak in that we were finally married and not in debt from our wedding. Then, off we went to San Juan for a 7 day cruise with Carnival to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and Philipsburg St. Maarten. Take a look at our week long honeymoon for some Love & Laughter! Leave a comment and let us know which part you enjoyed the most.

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