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Save money on your wedding so you can spend it during your marriage. Keep reading to discover ways to spend less and have more.
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So, it’s time to plan your wedding, ay? People will likely try to give you advice and tell you how weddings are supposed to happen whether they have planned a wedding or not. The best thing you can do for yourself is IGNORE THEM! You don’t want everyone’s advice. Why should you keep reading? I planned a wedding for 260 guest and when I was done, it cost us less than $12,000. Yes, we love tradition, but some of these traditions are outdated. Weddings don’t need to cost as much as they do, so here are a few money saving ideas to consider, but you may have to challenge the typical wedding thinking.

The Date

Peak wedding season is between June and September. Picking dates that fall right before or after peak wedding season can save you a ton of money while still having great weather. Many venues have off season discounts and are more willing to negotiate payment plans and savings. Also, you should know that Thursdays and Sundays are cheaper than Fridays and Saturdays. Now if you are planning a destination wedding you should make sure to check the season of the place you are going to and keep concerns like hurricane season, and holidays (expensive plan tickets, etc.) for the destination in mind when you pick your date. Also, make sure to check your families birthday calendar or other holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Here is a list of holidays from The Knot for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The Venue

If you are looking to save some coins, then search for a venue that doesn’t limit your vendor options and doesn’t require a lot of decorating. When it comes to cost, you will value that flexibility in shopping vendors and negotiating prices. When it comes to time, you will cherish not wasting it on things people won’t remember. Here Comes the GuideWeddingwire, and The Knot have great search engine for venues. When looking for venues that allow outside catering I found Here Comes the Guide and a good old Google search to be the most valuable. My venue, a very nice community center with a fountain outside, wasn’t listed any where but Google when I started my search. Be open to venues that are not one stop shops unless you want to pay for the convenience.

The Caterers

Shopping for your caterer, if you have a venue that allows outside catering,can be filled with many options to save you money. Breakfast, brunch or lunch will  be cheaper than dinner. Seated dinners cost more and are usually less food for the guest than buffet. Be willing to try alternatives to the safe and traditional fish and chicken. If your wedding is earlier in the day, try brunch options. Also, try restaurants that have caterers. You get to try the food and can negotiate them discounting your catering bill by the amount you spent for your meal. I have to recommend a company called Beefalo Bobs. I hate the name, but who cares when the service is exceptional and the food is amazing. I probably requested 12 different quotes while testing out what would be the cheapest option and they made the changes and sent the quotes to me without any issue. The best part of all is that their prices are already very inexpensive, but hey, I am looking to save as much as I can. (Note: I purchased my own plates, cups and utensils because I had specific gold trim plates I wanted. See The Decor for details.)

The Alcohol

Always go with BYOB if you want to save. One venue we considered, charges $24 per person for open bar for three hours. We had 260 guest. This would have cost us $6,240. When I checked our guest list and realized at minimum 40 people don’t drink (that’s $960), I was done and it was time to find a new venue. I found a venue that allowed outside catering and alcohol. When it was all said and done, we spent $933 for the alcohol and the bartender and came home with so much alcohol left over. The difference is astounding, isn’t it? Make sure to purchase your alcohol from places that allow returns of unopened bottles. In some states that may be Costco and in other states that maybe a consignment liquor store.

The Cake

There is no need to pay loads of money for your cake. If you tell people the cake is for a wedding, the cost skyrockets. What did I do? I ordered my cake from Costco. It cost $18.99 per sheet (feeds 48 people). I got so many compliments on how delicious the cake was. What did I learn? Do not buy enough cake for every guest. You may have no shows, some people won’t eat it and others may come back for seconds, but there’s always too much cake left over.

***Note: Costco requires that you order and pick up in person. You need a membership or know someone who has a membership and can pick up on the day of the wedding for you.

The Decor

Keep it simple. There may be one extravagant idea you want included in your decor, but everything else surrounding it can be simple. The first thing people forget when they leave is what the room looked like. You’ll be surprised to find out that the Dollar Store has quality items for decorating your venue. I purchased my gold chargers, wedding party glasses (that we personalized), black beverage napkins, bubbles to send us off (which was a waste) and all the items for the bathrooms (gum, bobbypins, pads, etc.) from the Dollar Store. I waited for sales and purchased my chair covers and linens from Linen table Cloth and CV Linens. My gold trim plates and very real looking utensils came from Webstaurant Store. Uplighting can be found with great rental prices at Rent My Wedding. The great thing is you can sell your linens and any left over items.