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Lazy Date Night!

by Jul 17, 2017

We’ve hit the age where all of our friends are going through huge life changes like marriage, babies, graduations and entering into their careers/promotions. Basically we are out celebrating every other weekend. I’m genuinely happy to experience life and its changes with so many people, but I’m not made to go out every week or every other week. I loveeeeee a lazy night in the house, ordering in while watching Netflix and likely falling asleep with one of us hanging off of the couch (usually not me.)

Two weeks ago we decided to binge watch GLOW on Netflix. It was a great show! I felt like my 10 year old self, back when I used to watch WWF and wrestle my siblings on the mattress that we moved to the living room floor. I almost got the urge to start working out again so I had the energy to wrestle our dog, Miah. She attacks me often and within 2 minutes I’m struggling not to give up and show her that I’m the boss.

Yes, we enjoyed the show, but it only held us over through Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Not enough time. We needed a show to last us a while. We checked out the list of most popular shows (that we haven’t already seen.) Of course, we decided to start with Game of Thrones. I’m hooked only three episodes in. I could lounge around all day watching shows as I know many of you probably enjoy too.

Update: September 3, 2017 we finished season 7 of Game of Thrones (GoT)

I won’t spoil the show, but if you haven’t started watching GoT, you’re missing out on something BIG! It’s not too late to catch up though. The season finale for Season 7 was just in August. Binge away my friend and share your thoughts here. Beware, this is not a show for children and you will very quickly get used to seeing a cheek or two every episode…

Share your favorite shows or lazy date night ideas in the comments below!