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A New Journey: I’m Becoming A Nutritionist

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Hangining out at Maxine’s Garden. You’d be surprised to know this is a workout.

Stick with me here. This is a journey. It may start off slow, but I promise you don’t want to miss what’s coming.

Before we get started, I want to help you understand a little piece of my story. I don’t think I am alone when I say I’ve felt alone and helpless because none of your doctors have an answer for what I’m experiencing or why I’m experiecing it. I keep thinking, am I supposed to give up an dlive like this forever?

Nope! That’s not me. I decided to take on health accountability! My health is my responsibility. Everyone else is a consultant. I want to help more people understand this. The system isn’t focused on healing. It’s focused on maintaining (it’s how you make the money, honey). We can’t blame our doctors for operating in the system. Most of them got into medicine to help people. Unforunately, it seems, the system makes accomplishing this more difficult than we know.


At first, I considered medical school, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make that time or financial commitment. If you’ve read my other blog posts you know I got married two years ago and mini-mes (or mini combinations of me and my husband) are in the near future. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to really help people the way I imagine helping. But no worries, I know what I want to be now. It took a while, but I figured it out and it feels right! I’m on my way to becoming a nutritionist.

I started my program in January of this year (2019) and I’ve been keeping notes on my experience. I am ready to start sharing what I have learned so far. Honestly, I am surprised how this journey has unfolded. My hope is that you will have just as valuable of an experience as I have had as you read about my journey. If you’re coming along for the experience, be here to encourage, to learn, to support or any other positive aspect. Don’t bring your judgement. This isn’t about pressuring anyone to become anything. This is about understanding ourselves in a way we have long forgotten how to do. This is about finding what’s missing or what’s not missing, but right in front of us. This is about reading the signs. This is about learning the language of your body

. Sooo, my friend, if you decide to hang out here, let’s open our minds and join the experience.

We’re Just Getting Started. More Coming Soon!

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