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Yes, my husband and I are new to the marriage life, but we have been together for a while; Eight years, that is. Married people, dating people, single people… they’re all the same, they think that they have the key to a good relationship. While I always say you shouldn’t take advice from everyone, I have heard some share worthwhile advice.

Learn your love language. If you are confused about how you want to be loved, how can you teach someone to love you? And after you learn yours, learn your partners love language too. When my husband and I started dating, I would do things for him that I actually wanted him to do for me because I thought he would enjoy and appreciate them too. Little did I know he was growing annoyed and definitely not being loved the way he wanted to be loved. It was an easy fix, but before then I had never considered that not everyone wanted to be loved like I did.  If you haven’t already heard of “The 5 Love Languages” then it’s time to become acquainted. Take the test HERE to learn your love language.

Your relationship is sacred so keep people out. Now you may think this is common sense, but not everyone knows how to put it into practice. It’s time to realize that people remember the bad stories you tell them about your partner, even long after you’ve forgiven them for the issue. Don’t share things with people that you eventually want to be forgotten. Sure, you argue and then you figure it out and move on. Your friends and family, they don’t always move on with you. (I’m not referring to extreme cases with emotional or physical abuse, or the like.) Focusing on communication in your relationship and confronting and addressing your concerns with each other can help you move away from feeling like you need to share every situation.

Don’t post your issues on social media, you’re asking for trouble. If you share it with the world, don’t get upset when the world shares with you. This guy I knew posted about one of his friends saying something along the lines of she wasn’t worth it, I’m glad that’s over. People assumed it was about his relationship and they we’re trashing his girlfriend. He had the chance to see who had been pretending to support them and want the best for them. While this wasn’t about him, many people have habits of posting the details of their life and catching an attitude when people reply with their opinions. Just know upfront that you are inviting people to share their opinions when you post.

Be willing to self-reflect. Sometimes you have to check in and ask how you can be a better husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend. Once you get that feedback reflect on who you are and who you can become in a relationship that is about being a partner. Please remember, if you ask the question, respect the answer whether you agree or not. Give your love a chance to share and receive understanding.

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