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10 Things To Do After the Wedding

by | Jun 21, 2017 | All Posts, Wedding Planning | 0 comments

It’s time to get your to do list and budget for after the wedding together. Don’t be left shocked like me!

Today, June 21st, marks our one month anniversary. With the exception of our honeymoon, the first month was not what I expected. I thought when the wedding was over we were done and could dive straight into being married. Month one was filled with research, phone calls, and a bunch of acronyms including the MVA and the SSA.

Right up until now, you have probably read about the budgeting for the wedding, but have you seen anyone mention the after wedding cost? That’s right! There’s a separate to do list and budget you need to follow after the wedding. While the budget is a drop in the bucket compared to the wedding, it came as a surprise to me. Who knows? Maybe I am alone in not knowing this process. However, if you are confused, stick around to prepare yourself with 10 things you need to do after the wedding.


Here are a few things brides forget to add to their budget and after wedding to do list,

Legally change your name (fees to change driver’s license, car title and registration, bank card, etc.), but if it’s too much there are services like HitchSwitch that you can use. They provide all the paperwork (so no research to figure out where these forms are) and even autofill forms for you. Check out from Miss to Mrs for more details on the process and cost.

Send thank you cards (Don’t forget about postage and printing fees if you include pictures). Tip: Go simple and skip adding the wedding picture. Make thank you cards before the wedding to hand out at the wedding as guest leave. Send personalized thank you cards to those who gave a gift.

Prepare to store your wedding dress. Have your wedding dress cleaned (there are fees for cleaning and preserving your dress)

Order/make wedding album (from photographer or on DIY sites like Shutterfly). This may come with your wedding package so this may or may not be an additional cost depending on your photography package.

Family records system. This doesn’t require much, but you want to start off organized while combining accounts and bills. You can use an accordion folder to keep records for medical, financial, auto, home, taxes and miscellaneous documents.   

Review vendors. Should brides know about your experience? Absolutely! Share details about your vendors on sites like weddingwire and the knot for other brides to read.

Return/exchange wedding gifts (or unused items). We received two of the same crockpot, two steamers, two handheld vacuums among other things. If possible, you can request an exchange with the store or store credit.

Take down wedding registry. No cost just time. Remove your wedding registries from your wedding website and set to do not allow your website to appear in search engines.

Sell wedding items. Sell your items on wedding resale sites like Maryland Wedding Consignment on Facebook.

Set up an email account for children beginning with wedding pictures. I absolutely love this idea! It’s a great way to digitally document for your children with no cost.

This is an overview of items you should include on your list.

If you are a bride in Maryland and want more specific details, pricing and links, head over toStep By Step Guide to Name Change After the Wedding (Maryland Bride)