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Note: If you have a lengthy guest list but a small budget and haven’t decided how to cut people off, then this is for you.


After my engagement set in I thought to myself, “I need to get organized and be decisive since everyone will be looking at me for answers.” I am usually very organized but decisive, not so much, so I started to do some research on what I needed to know to plan my wedding (without a wedding planner). During my search I came across an article that said “How to plan your $3000 wedding.” Well, I am currently planning my wedding so if someone has tricks, I want to know them. This isn’t the first time a title like this has caught my attention. This is, however, the first time I stopped to read the article. Shortly into my reading, I realized this is a wedding for 50 people. I kept looking at these articles hoping that I would come across someone who has a guest list like mine and was able to keep a small budget. I found another one! “How to plan your $10,000 wedding,” it said. After reading half way through the article I finally found the guest count…100. Nope, that’s not us either.

Am I being unrealistic about my wedding goals? So far, everyone I spoke with has said yes and I am sure you will (soon) think I have lost my mind too. And to make matters tougher, I want to have a ceremony with 350 guest and a reception with 260 guest. Before you judge me, know that the additional guest at the ceremony are guest that will not want to be apart of the crazy, fun party I am planning. Needless to say, they doubted me, but my dreams came true! The question is were they in or close enough to budget? Here are the bare bone details of my wedding:

State: Maryland
Budget: $12,000
Ceremony: 350 guest
Reception: 260 guest
Attire: Semi-formal
Location: Water front Venue
Other: Catered, Open bar, Chandeliers, wheel chair accessible

What do you think now? Out of my mind, right? Well, after 5 months of planning a wedding and being told that it will cost $21,000 for the venue, catering and open bar, I decided otherwise. I CANNOT afford that! I went back to “BASIC TOOLS FOR PLANNING THE PERFECT WEDDING” and when I finished I was left with an impossible budget and a wedding to plan.


Wedding Lighting 101


Keep watching this post because I will be adding updates on how I successfully planned my wedding and stayed on budget. Once you have sometime to read about the “BASIC TOOLS FOR PLANNING THE PERFECT WEDDING” you will be prepared to stay organized with all the details, make sure to read “Ready To Purchase Your Wedding Dress? Find Out What You Need To Know First.” This post will share some insight on how not to avoid falling prey to the wedding industry and spending your budget on the wedding dress. Don’t panic if it takes time to find the right dress at the price you want.

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