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Dear current and future brides, if you haven’t already, it’s time to make a Pinterest account and begin planning. You can probably guess one of my favorite things to do is find DIY projects and plan events on Pinterest. I virtually planned a wedding full of ideas and projects from my Pinterest boards. Initially, it started just as inspirational ideas. Eventually, I made a private board with all of the actual pins I used including images of my wedding party’s attire, hair and makeup as well as table designs and one of my favorite ideas…the candy buffet!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a few weddings before my own. It was amazing to see how each bride designed her day. As a bride myself, I enjoyed looking around to see what was important to the bride whose wedding we were attending. Considering, I too was planning a wedding, I spent a lot of time doing research for simple ideas at the best prices. One article mentioned that wedding guest attend to enjoy three things – the alcohol, the food and the music. Those are the 3 things that make a great wedding, everything else is extra and that includes wedding favors. So, I decided to go for a wedding favor that would indulge the taste buds and the tummy. We simplified our lives and sent everyone home with our favorite sugary treats! As we suspected it would be, the candy buffet was a huge hit!

If you also love this idea, keep reading to find out how to get started on your own candy buffet and hopefully save money.

Make a list of your favorite candies. This one day is all about your husband and you, but mainly you 🙂 . This is the opportunity to enjoy the things you love and allow guest into your world to enjoy them as well! I thought that 6-10 options were reasonable. Need ideas from a place where you can purchase candy in bulk check out, A Candy Store, using the link below.

To coordinate or not to coordinate. Initially, I wanted to customize the colors to match our wedding colors (Black, Gold and White) and then I realized they taste the same, but cost more. This is a personal option depending on your budget. When it was all said and done, I was amazed at how great the table looked (Pictured at top).

Items to purchase. This may come as a surprise to you, but all of the items in the list to follow can be purchased at the Dollar Store or an inexpensive online seller! In addition to the candy (which I got from Costco), you will need a table cloth, containers (glass or plastic), scoops, bags for the candy, labels to add a thank you note, and you can even add decorative gems or rose petals.

Discounts. Facebook has many pages for recycling wedding items at discounted rates. JoAnn Fabric and Michael’s have coupons on their website that can be reused. You can also get great deals on Groupon. Befoe my wedding there was a deal to personalize M&M bags for $5 per bag (value $40). The point is there is no reason to pay full price!