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Wedding Dresses That Won’t Deplete Your Budget

by | Apr 18, 2017 | All Posts | 0 comments

NOTE: This post is about my experience. I was not paid to share my opinions in this post, however I was compensated in the form of money that could only be used toward my next purchase when I made the YouTube video below. A girls gotta get the best discount, right?!

By the time the excitement of my engagement wore off, I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me and started planning right away. I was ready to start my search for wedding dresses and come up with my look for the big day. All I could imagine was a beautiful ivory lace gown, that was backless with a long train and off the shoulder straps. I thought looking for my wedding dress would be the easiest part of planning since I already had all the details together. I thought I knew all I needed to find the perfect dress for me, after having watched “Say Yes to The Dress” and “Four Weddings.” That however was not the case. There was a lot more to finding the perfect dress than I had imagined. If you need help in your search check out details HERE.

I began by setting up appointments at boutiques I found online, with the help of my maid of honor. Little did I know, it wasn’t like shopping at a normal retail store. I had an appointment with an end time. That means I could try on only so many dresses. Skip forward a few appointments, and I found a dress I loved! I hadn’t even realized I never looked at the price and since I wanted straps added it would cost more than listed on the tag. Of course, I asked them to write down the cost of the dress, straps, bra cups and average alterations cost. My voice…it wouldn’t come out. She estimated $2,000. Needless to say, I put the dress back and left.

I refused to accept that wedding dresses have to cost this much. I continued to do some research ignoring the option that seemed to solve my problems. Online dress shopping! Yes, I know, it seems like a super scary experience.

It took me two and a half months to make a decision. Finally, I decided JJ’s House had exactly what I was looking for. I purchased my dress and prayed until it arrived one month later…That’s right you heard me! It took one month to arrive, the dress was exactly what I thought it would be.

I have to admit, though, I was already afraid to purchase the dress so I thought it would be safe to use standard sizing rather than sending custom sizes. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up getting my flower girls dresses and bridesmaid dresses all from JJ’s house. With the discounts they give, I ended up with two dresses and my veil for free. Now before you purchase make sure to check out What You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your Wedding Dress.

Interested to see what I ordered? Take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VSzjLWU2UY

Note: Wedding dress won’t be added until after my wedding on May 21, 2017.


Update: Wedding dress (regular price $349.99) has been added. Alterations- straps added and train was bustled. View dress on JJ’s House HERE.