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Ready to set up your registry, but aren't sure where to start? This post is for you.

Wedding Mindset

Yes, planning a wedding can be super stressful especially when you decide to plan without a wedding planner, but there are a few items on the task list that you can’t help but to enjoy — tastings, bridal shows and the all rewarding wedding registry. Today let’s talk about the wedding registry and all the cool options you have.

The Basics: What Is A Wedding Registry?

The wedding registry is your chance to share with your guests what your gift preferences are and where you want those gifts to come from and be sent. This registry (registries) you set up does not cost you anything and pretty much can be found at any store, online retailer, or service provider you can image. Theses items, at one point, were meant to help the couple start their life off as they moved in together and started a family. Well folks, that just ain’t how things work for the majority anymore. Many couples either already live together or have children, so many of the standard items (cookware, etc.) aren’t on the list anymore.

Options For Your Wedding Registry

Which type of registry makes the most since for you and your fiance? When I got started I didn’t know what my options were so we didn’t know what would work best for us. The Non-registry option is a great option for couples who are not marrying for the first time or couples with a more intimate guest list (sometimes it can get awkward asking for things when you have less people). The Traditional Wedding Registry (as I mentioned above) is for people who are looking to start their new life and move in together. These registries include stores like JC Penney and Macy’s and everything from kitchen ware, bedding and bath to gift cards.  The Honeymoon Registry is an awesome option for couples who already have their house in order and are looking for an alternative option. These registries include companies like Honeyfund (you’ve probably seen if you watch Shark Tank) where your guests can help with your honeymoon from creating memories with an experience to airfare and hotel. The Wishing Well is the monetary gift from guest that the couple can specify for a home, debt payments, etc. and include companies such as PayPal. This was a simple option for a younger or busier guest who didn’t want to scroll through the registry. The online registry was by far the easiest for us. This includes Amazon and companies that are networks and allow you to create a centralized registry for multiple companies such as Blueprint Registry.

Start your FREE honeymoon registry at Honeyfund.com

Know Yourself & Your Guests

When you get started on your registry, looking at your inventory is very important. If you plan on moving in together after the wedding then you need to know what items you plan to keep and combine and what you plan to trash. Make a list of the items you will need or want after the wedding so your guest have an idea of what to get you. Now let’s be realistic…if you have guest that you know can’t afford or just wouldn’t purchase certain things think about whether you actually want to include them. Also, which ever registry you sign up for check their convenience options. Definitely have gifts shipped to a designated address to save your guests from carrying the gift to the wedding and being burdened with transporting them after the wedding.

My Suggestions

The HoneyFund

Whether you just want to skip making your registry or can’t afford a honeymoon this is an amazing option to enjoy the start of your marriage. Pick where you want to go and check out the experiences they offer. No need to figure out how you’ll get the gifts home or where you’ll put them until you can go through them. This is the gift of experiences and memories. Get started here.

Give the perfect travel gift - a Honeyfund gift card


We’ve all at least heard of Amazon and I’m sure you’ve even ordered from their site before. Honestly, I was excited about Amazon because everything was online and simple to set up and they had gift cards. I loved the gift cards! The first gift we used after the wedding was the gift card to the movies!! They also have items for the house and more. I didn’t have to worry about them calling me to visit the store or constantly sending me emails to sign up for events. Simple! If you want to check out Amazon’s wedding registry click here.

Track Your Gifts

Make sure as you open gifts you remember to keep a list of the giver and the gift so you can be sure to thank them later. Don’t expect that everyone will bring a gift so don’t use this list against people who didn’t bring a gift because you never know their situation. Be gracious!


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