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For some of us, weight is a big deal. We’re consumed by our image. However, we’re not all ready to talk about it. Well, since it’s just us…let’s talk about it now.

New Years and my Engagement. Just two weeks apart, those are the most recent moments I’ve thought about my weight. If you watch TV or flip through a magazine, you’ve probably felt that subtle insecurity that’s left behind. I love where I am, but after a couple of weeks of being engaged, people started to make me feel like I needed to become an even better me for the wedding. Tiptop shape, they say. Who even knows what that means? Like really? Tiptop shape…

At this point, I want to be comfortable and happy with me and how I look. I’m ignoring other’s opinions of me. Why should they matter so much? Honestly, my knees start to hurt when I reach a certain weight anyway, so I listen to my body and what’s good for me.


Now, you are here deciding on your plan to be the best version of you. To do that, you need to know yourself. How do you carry your weight? What is a healthy weight for you? Are you really dedicated to changing your weight by the date you pick? Do you have the support around you to stick a plan? Are you doing this for you or someone else? And so on. Know yourself, and THAT is the beginning.

I already felt confident about where I was, but I started to lose that confidence the more I spoke to people about the wedding. I reached a point where I began focusing more on planning and the cost of planning our day. Yes, Be happy, be healthy, be you, but don’t be making the changes for someone else—not even your soon to be husband or wife because you may find that you’re not happy or being and looking like you on your wedding day.

We may have different stories and weight goals, but my message is the same whether you’re gaining or losing weight. You’ll probably be surprised to know I gained weight for my wedding. Most brides I know lose weight to look their best on their wedding day. Welp! Not I. I gained weight for my wedding dress. Remember, don’t judge me! I know I am not alone. Gaining weight ain’t always easy.

I got an amazing deal online for the wedding dress I wanted. Instead of getting alterations, I decided to see how tough it would be to gain (just a little) weight…18 pounds. Even though I loved my shape then, I love it even more with a little weight added. Nice and thick like I want to be. The point is that I did it for me and no one else. After the wedding I loss 10 pounds and maintained the rest of the weight and I feel good about my decision!

Let me know, if you want tips on how I gained 18 pounds in 5 months or loss 10 in 2 months.