Becoming A Nutritionist   

Food shouldn’t be complicated. Honestly, at this point, I’m not even sure that what I am eating is actually food or if its food-like products. What does that even mean? Food like products? Again, food should not be this complicated. Everyday there is a new article that contradicts the article I read the day before. I became frustrated by these click-bait headings being published. With lots of research and time, I decided it was time to learn this information for myself and share with people who are also tired of the “fats good for you…now fats bad for you…oh wait, fat is good for you again” phase we’re living in. I’m unsubscribing from the confusion and going to the source. If you’re interested, you should join me on this journey. Let’s see where this takes us!

Starting With Self-love

Some of you will get me right away and some of you will need time to figure me out. Sharing my story is scary enough so I’ll write hoping that you will gain something and find it in yourself to show me some support rather than judgement. With that said there will be some moments that deserve judgement, but those will be abundantly clear that we are laughing together. Otherwise, let the judgement free zone exist here. I had no idea 2019 was going to be the year of “soul-shattering up in my face self-reflection.” It was worth the journey, but good lord was I unprepared to face the realization of my reality. If I thought I had hit rock bottom before, 2019 came flying in on a magic carpet and took me for a ride right before disappeared from under my little bottom. Cue the credits! For many months, I kept thinking when is this going to be over until I was forced to do self-care as a project in my program. Say what? That’s right, I was forced to do self-care….that’s what I said. For some reason, I fought for a while until one day I realized a difference. Let’s talk about the journey and the transformation and what you can take away from my experience.     

A Babies World (preconception care)

A while ago, I made a doctor’s appointment with my OB/GYN and told her we were considering starting a family soon. My main question for her was, “what do I need to do and eat to get ready for this life-changing experience.” She pretty much told me we all have good intentions, but I won’t be able to eat enough to meet the recommended intake of nutrients. I get it, eating healthy is confusing, but you’re telling me it’s pretty much impossible to go through a pregnancy without supplements? I paused for a moment, to think about eating for two and having cravings and pain and being sleepy all the time…yea she may have a point, it does seem impossible. I have no idea where to start or if it will make a difference in my pregnancy, labor and delivery or my child’s life and it is clear my doctor has no hope for me. Then I started wondering if I was being sold a narrative associated with lack of nurtitional knowledge. Maybe. Regardless, you and I are going to find out if it’s possible. This is the beginning of building my baby body, complete with lab work, meals, workouts and more. Let’s get together and explore this baby thing. 

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